Moderation of PHP Classifieds site

Moderation of PHP Classifieds site is not that easy of a task as it may seems.

In order to create and maintain high quality site, one needs to constantly review listings posted by users, and to make sure that new listings are of high quality in the quest to reduce chances of new user abandonment of your PHP classifieds site.

Many new users will leave your site, if they think that it is abandoned, and would not view classifieds, nor they would post new listings on, what they think is abandoned or not maintained site

Most important thing is to make sure that for new users the site looks alive, no one would post new ads, if site is empty, so to successfully start classifieds site you must get some users on board to post their ads

Next Think is to make sure, that your website is not flooded with spam content and remove those ads, example of this is adding similar classifieds many times over by some user, this will discourage viewers from viewing your site, if happens too often. And seriously hinder your chances to create success full classifieds site.

Aside from maintenance task, you as PHP Classifieds site administrator, must also make sure, that your Classified Ads site runs smoothly, to achieve this first you must pick well performing PHP Classifieds script like one created by us. Be aware that there are many Classifieds Scripts out there, that look nice, have a lot of features, but fail to deliver good performance. That prevent site to run fast and smooth. And discourages users with long wait times when switching pages. There are many ways to asses this, most popular of which is Google’s PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. Good results in those tools means smooth ride for your users, and in turn better results of your Craigslist like site.