Custom filters on classifieds

Custom Fields and Custom Filters

Listings can have custom fields, for example maker of the car. User can filter listings by those custom fields. Values of custom fields are displayed on list of classified ads, and on page displaying single classified ad.

List of possible extra filters:

  • Select option
  • Multiple choices
  • Year
  • Numeric values
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Monetization via featured packages on PHP Classifieds


It's important for your Classified Ads site to have stream of income, that will support it's maintenance and growth. Because of that our PHP Classified Script offers multiple features that allows it to earn for itself:

  • option to pay for featured classified
  • admin can pick featured package price and duration per category
  • advertisements zones
  • option to feature as demonstration, for limited time
  • supports online payment methods: PayPal, Przelewy24
  • ability to prepaid, top-up user accounts
Demonstration of featured package options

Classifieds on Map

Displays classifieds on map, so users can easily find classified ads near them. Especially useful for real estate classifieds, because users can quickly find offerings near desired location. On the map classifieds allow to:

  • cluster pins on map, if there are many classified ads in the same location.
  • search and filter classifieds on map
  • easily switch between list view and on map view
  • fullscreen mode
  • show my current location button
Classified on map live preview
Mobile first PHP classifieds - index
On smartphone PHP Classified Ads - list
Responsive Web Design PHP Classifieds - single listing

Made for mobile devices

From ground up prepared to work well on mobile devices. To achieve that we used Responsive Web Design (RWD) and mobile first approach.

  • tested on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets
  • responsive web design
  • created with mobile devices in mind
  • works fluently and smoothly on mobile devices
Appearance on smartphone
Performance of PHP classifieds script

Out-of-the-box performance

Performance of this PHP Classifieds Script is confirmed by results in:

  • Google PageSpeed
  • GTmetrix

This assures that classified pages are loaded quickly. Both on mobile devices as well as the desktops.

Compared to other PHP Classifieds scripts, our stands out as top in performance and smooth operation for the users.

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Performance of PHP classifieds script

Tested and with real world deployments

Quality PHP classifieds script:

  • 100% of files have automated tests
  • 80% lines of code coverage with tests
  • has unit test, integration tests, acceptance tests and end to end tests
  • matured and battle tested with real world deployments
  • used by thousands of users every day

PHP Classifieds Script

Best PHP Classifieds Script for local news portal, site focused on single topic (bicycles, RC models, cars etc), Auto Deals Classifieds, Real Estate Classifieds, Directory Listings or Jobs Portal websites. Can be used as subpage or module that provide Classified Ads directory functionality. Providing another way of income for site, through monetization of paid featured listings.

Main Features

Custom Fields and Custom Filters:

Extra fields feature, enables you to add fields for an ad, and use it as search criteria. Example of custom fields that can be added:

see full list of custom fields features

Minimal requirements:

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